Save Our Community Hospitals holds rally in Braddock Pennsylvania

14 12 2009

Save Our Community Hospitals holds rally in Braddock Pennsylvania

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People’s Weekly World – Future for the Mon Valley? ?Hell doesn?t have to last forever!?

22 09 2009

People’s Weekly World – Future for the Mon Valley? ?Hell doesn?t have to last forever!?

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Here’s another article written about my hometown. This article refers to our town as hell town after the New York Times called us one of the worst places in the country.

Unmarried Women Hit Hard by Poverty

13 09 2009






Women are hit hardest by Poverty according to the newest census and that poverty rates have increased across the board.  This doesn’t suprise me the economy is bad and more and more people are joining those of us who live below the poverty line.

Women are hit because we do not make as much money as a man doing the same type of work and traditional female fields are kept low paying positions.

Single women must raise their children often alone with no help from the father or anyone else.  A single woman must often hold up more then her half of the sky.   Only when women make as much money as men and men take care of their responsibilities with babies they make will women be able to come out of poverty.

15104 More then a Blighted Neighborhood

17 08 2009
Some of the abondoned buildings

Some of the abondoned buildings

The First Carnegie Library in the USA

The First Carnegie Library in the USA

Hawkins Village the way it looks Now since 1996 beautiful and well tended

Hawkins Village the way it looks Now since 1996 beautiful and well tended

The baseball field

The baseball field

Mayor John Fetterman or Mayor John

Mayor John Fetterman or Mayor John


According to the New York Times article 15104 or Braddock Pa is one of the worst towns in America and to the Outside world I guess this could be true but to the people who live in the zipcode of 15104 ,that includes Braddock, North Braddock, and Rankin, its home.  Yes it has a lot of problems but it has a lot of love too and despite the poverty of this area the Residents here are happy and live a decent life.  We relay on each other.  is not an offensive article its very true and the residents weren’t insulted.  Mayor John Fetterman would not allow that to happen.

Mayor John Fetterman is not from the hood. He wasn’t born here nor was he born poor.  He attended Harvard and holds a Master’s Degree in a place where a lot of people do not even have an high school diploma.   He chose to have our zipcode tattered on his arm which is something perhaps outsiders wouldn’t understand but to the people in the hood he is a hero.  He also wears the names of people who died on his arms which is something else we respect and admire.

So what is good about this area?  Its people are the nicest. When I lived in Hawkins Village shown above and my daughter disappered from the “center” at age five the entire community came out to help me look for her.  She was in another person’s apartment and safe but the entire community stopped cooking and started looking for her.  What we also do is support each other through the rough times and share what we have with each other. 

Yes we have negatives but we also have positives and thanks to the New York times for pointing out some of the positives.  Thank you to Mayor John for supporting us and believing in our community when no one else does.  Especially thank you to the communites of  Braddock, North Braddock, and Rankin for making 15104 the greatest community on earth.

Ghetto Mothers Are the Best

15 08 2009

This author wrote a book about her life and the mistakes she made in order to try to prevent other ghetto mom’s from making the same mistake. 

Ghetto Moms I am one of them.  I ended up starting a family instead of going to college not like I would have gone anyway.  I had discovered the  Streets and nothing would make me leave the streets.  

Ghetto Mom’s must often relay on each other rather then relay on other people we must support each other and help each other out.   We are often ignored by the woman’s movement and also the African American movement.  The woman’s movement spends to much time hating on our men which will never go over well with the women here.  There are not a lot of men here and we are very protective of the men we do have especially as they tend to be our sons and brothers as well as lovers, husbands and boyfriends.  African Americans are still stuck in the “fight the white man” mentality instead of working to overturn the Rockerfeller law which is responsible for millions of black men in Prison.  They also ignore the fact that millions of black men/women/ and children die from violence in the hood.  They are to busy fighting a white man who has long since lost his power. Both groups treat ghetto people like we are a bunch of stupid fools who are not important enough to fight for.

This year I have decided that I can no longer afford to donate money to either the woman’s organization nor the African American  organizations anymore.  They do not advocate for me so why should I support these groups. 

I am a ghetto mom and yes I have my high school dipoloma.  I am a ghetto mom and yes I make sure my children go to school.  I am a  ghetto mom who left the street life a long time ago for my children.  I am a ghetto mom who enjoys her grandchildren in her 40s.  I am a ghetto mom who struggles sometimes but who has the support and love of other ghetto moms.  Ghetto moms are black , white , Asian, and Latino as well as Native American.  

Ghetto moms must endure social workers and teachers who think that ghetto moms  must not understand basic concepts of education. They look down at us and hit us with stereotypes not based on race or gender but based on where we are from.  They think that we must not believe in homework or that we don’t know how to care for our children.  They tend to suspect us of being on drugs or drunks.

The ghetto mom often must face struggles due to where she lives because no one wants to put a real grocery store in the ghetto.  We must often travel by Jitney or unlicenced cab.   There are times that no one cares about the ghetto like when officers leave a dead dog in an abondoned building or leave a dead body somewhere for weeks.  We call the proper authoritories and yet the dead animal or person remains there because no one listens to us nor cares about what we do or say.

Ghetto women support each other and regardless of  race are truly sisters.  It would seem that the Women’s movement could look to the ghetto to learn about true sisterhood.  I know I can count on my friends if I need something to eat or a small loan until pay day.  I know that if I have sugar and my homegirl has kool aid then both families now have kool aid. 

So to all my sisters in Hood USA You are the best and thanks for being your ghetto fablous selves.

Gang Violence Linked to Social Roots

9 08 2009

This is one of the best articles on gang violence I have ever read.  Its so good I am blogging it everywhere I hang out in the cyberworld.

First of all this article tells the truth that most gangbangers “age” out of the gang which makes the need for long Prison times just silly.  There is no reason to give life sentences for selling rock on the block and 15 to life is way to serious for selling crack or any drug.

I know brothers who are serving life sentences in Prison not for murder or rape or any other violent crime but for selling crack cocaine the state cracks down on them by giving them tough state sentence and thanks to Joe, the cracker, Biden we now have to worry about fed time on top of the State time.  So yes Virginia you can get life in Prison for selling crack.

People want to throw the gangbangers in prison but not deal with the real problems that are the true cause of Street gangs incredible poverty, parental drug abuse, racism, sexism, and hunger.

Poverty and hunger are more then likely going to never be solved but what everyone can do is donate food to the food pantry.  Poverty will never be solved but the answer is a little bit Democrat and a little bit Republican that is the only way any anti poverty program has a chance to work.  A little bit of Government and a little bit of Social Services including faith based also works.  In the ghetto we see both and always have.  Neither party is right about poverty they both work and they work better together.

Schools need to make sure that their teachers are properally prepared to teach precious innercity children so that the teachers do not ruin the children they are supposed to teach. Teachers have to step up to the plate and stop insulting children and never tell a child they are not going to be shyt.  The teachers would never do that to a middle class person but they will do that to the innercity children regardless of their color.  Teachers if they want to educate need to discover the culture of the children they teach or step aside and allow people who care teach our children.  Now things are better because of the Republicans insisting that our children do not deserve to be forced to stay in failing schools and started with the voucher program.  This is a good program and much better for our kids then the failing public schools that a lot of innercity children are forced to attend. 

We need more mentors for both males and females people from the community who made it, people from outside the community.  There are rewards for being a mentor that doesn’t translate into dollar and cents but your reflection in the mirror looks great.

Teenage Girls and Gangs

25 07 2009

This is an excellent article. So why does a young homegirl decide to become a gang member. Perhaps she has been victimized her whole life and the homeboys and homegirls are the only one to show the child some love.

This article explains a lot of what happens to a girl in the gang and not all girls are sexed in some our jumped in.  It doesn’t go into details of why would a girl or a boy become a gang member.

Most gang members started out living in extreme poverty.  Most of them had no parents because their dad is in prison and their mom is on drugs.   It is often an empty belly as well as lack of parental supervision and feeling a need for love.  The gang bangers know this and they show the young homie love and acceptance.

Money is not going to fix this problem. Kids need mentoring.  People in the hood often feel as though they are alone in the world or that no one cares rather they live or die.