17 11 2008


Barack Obama became the President elect of the US and African American males in the ghettos of America should rejoice because they can become anything they want? 

Obama’s Presidency is seen as symbolic to a lot of young men in the ghetto because black men can no longer claim that only white men can become President.  A lot of men in the inner city know that Barack Obama  is not from the hood and has lived a pretty privileged life compared to them.

Barack Obama doesn’t know what it is like to wonder if you will see your 21ST birthday.  Barack doesn’t know what it is like to be a child who’s mom is hooked on crack,  your father is in prison,  your brother is in the gang.  He doesn’t know what it like to not have anything to eat.  They know his life is far from theirs.

Barack needs to do more then preach about self responsibility. He needs to concentrate on inner city issues.  My thought is that because he is not from the hood he will not find our issues important to him.  We are going to have to address this with him as 95% of the hood voted for him.  Are we going to just give him another vote even if he does nothing for the hood in return.




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