Teenage Girls and Gangs

25 07 2009


This is an excellent article. So why does a young homegirl decide to become a gang member. Perhaps she has been victimized her whole life and the homeboys and homegirls are the only one to show the child some love.

This article explains a lot of what happens to a girl in the gang and not all girls are sexed in some our jumped in.  It doesn’t go into details of why would a girl or a boy become a gang member.

Most gang members started out living in extreme poverty.  Most of them had no parents because their dad is in prison and their mom is on drugs.   It is often an empty belly as well as lack of parental supervision and feeling a need for love.  The gang bangers know this and they show the young homie love and acceptance.

Money is not going to fix this problem. Kids need mentoring.  People in the hood often feel as though they are alone in the world or that no one cares rather they live or die.




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