Gang Violence Linked to Social Roots

9 08 2009

This is one of the best articles on gang violence I have ever read.  Its so good I am blogging it everywhere I hang out in the cyberworld.

First of all this article tells the truth that most gangbangers “age” out of the gang which makes the need for long Prison times just silly.  There is no reason to give life sentences for selling rock on the block and 15 to life is way to serious for selling crack or any drug.

I know brothers who are serving life sentences in Prison not for murder or rape or any other violent crime but for selling crack cocaine the state cracks down on them by giving them tough state sentence and thanks to Joe, the cracker, Biden we now have to worry about fed time on top of the State time.  So yes Virginia you can get life in Prison for selling crack.

People want to throw the gangbangers in prison but not deal with the real problems that are the true cause of Street gangs incredible poverty, parental drug abuse, racism, sexism, and hunger.

Poverty and hunger are more then likely going to never be solved but what everyone can do is donate food to the food pantry.  Poverty will never be solved but the answer is a little bit Democrat and a little bit Republican that is the only way any anti poverty program has a chance to work.  A little bit of Government and a little bit of Social Services including faith based also works.  In the ghetto we see both and always have.  Neither party is right about poverty they both work and they work better together.

Schools need to make sure that their teachers are properally prepared to teach precious innercity children so that the teachers do not ruin the children they are supposed to teach. Teachers have to step up to the plate and stop insulting children and never tell a child they are not going to be shyt.  The teachers would never do that to a middle class person but they will do that to the innercity children regardless of their color.  Teachers if they want to educate need to discover the culture of the children they teach or step aside and allow people who care teach our children.  Now things are better because of the Republicans insisting that our children do not deserve to be forced to stay in failing schools and started with the voucher program.  This is a good program and much better for our kids then the failing public schools that a lot of innercity children are forced to attend. 

We need more mentors for both males and females people from the community who made it, people from outside the community.  There are rewards for being a mentor that doesn’t translate into dollar and cents but your reflection in the mirror looks great.




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18 08 2009
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3 09 2009
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