12 12 2008


President elect Barack Obama and his wife Michelle have decided to send Sasha and Melita to Sidwell Friends a very exclusive Private school that charges $35,000  a year tuition.

The DC public schools are among the worst in the Country so no one blames the Obama’s for wanting the best education for their children yet Barack Obama is against vouchers for poor children because he is beholden to the unions that staff these schools.  This is my problem with Politicians especially Democrats who do not really want to fix the public schools and oppose programs like vouchers because of their dependence on teachers unions.

A good bit of the public school teachers cannot answer basic questions without looking at Lesson plans.  Some are glorified baby sitters.  The schools are often falling apart with very little order.

I grew up in one of these schools and a good bit of the teachers that teach in these schools are wonderful teachers who must teach without books are equipment.  They know these children come from neighborhoods that are often war zones and not every child has breakfast in the morning.   School at least in the elementary school setting can often be a safe haven from life in the hood.  A good teacher can motivate these children and actually spark an interest in education.  They do so on a wing and a prayer.

There are other teachers in this school that doesn’t either know what they are doing or do not care what they teach or not because they have tenure.  These teachers wouldn’t pass a simple math test or any other test.  Yet they work for years destroying the lives of millions of kids who with education can leave the hood behind instead they install this sense in these children that education is not for them.  This leads for the children to lose interest in schools and in getting an education.  These teachers must be replaced but as long as the unions are there they will never improve.

It is time that the Public schools be given an option get rid of these terrible teachers and fix the buildings  or lose the Public dollars to private schools.




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